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For what ails you

Onions in a stew, making a gift for someone you love, two medicines we recommend. I'll start with the stew. This is the version of spiced onions and beef that Janna remembers from childhood. My husband has been two of the Seven Dwarves all week, Sneezy and Snotty. Janna handed me the recipe, I cooked it up last night, and whether it was the stew or time, he is feeling better today. I give the credit to all those onions. The leather purse mirror and hand painted canvas from Colonial Needle is a special order. It had me thinking about the little pleasures of cooking and stitching, and how time spent this way can make us feel better, if only temporarily. I am going to add the recipe to the site as a free download, our gift to you. If you are interested in making one of those sweet little mirrors up, check out the selection on This combo was about $65.00, and they also offer luggage tags, zippered coin purses, and other pieces that are small enough to stitch and assemble in time for the holidays. Just let me know what your order is, and I will get it to you ASAP. I can even pull the fibers for you if you like.

Let us know if you make the stew! The key is to let the onions, beef, and flour reach a good toasty brown before adding the seasonings and stock.

Okay, back to it.


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