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Embellish it!

If you are looking for a way to embellish something, look to those funky silk flowers available in craft shops. I started playing with them for a wrap with organza pockets, the flowers seemingly float between the layers. So, why not try adding them to a knit? Once you pop them off the stems and remove the hard plastic centers you have something you can play with. I tested them for color fastness, and now they have passed the cleaning test - they survived going through the Dryel treatment. Now I want to add them to ends of scarves, maybe a cluster on a hat...if you give it a try please share the photos on our Groups page for finished projects. Janna and I love to see what our friends are working on! If you want to give it a try but want help, buy the flowers, dig up some buttons, then make an appointment for Knitting Assistance. Let's play!

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