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Comfort animal knits in yarns that make you say ahhh

These are some of the yarns that just bring up a little sigh of pleasure. Yarns that are made of silk, cashmere, merino wool, kid mohair...yarns that make the perfect little accessories. The work in progress on the left will be my new Comfort Animal. A rectangle knit up from about 130 yards, in a quick stitch, that has one twist, a seam up half the two narrow ends, and sits perfectly over your shoulder. Add a few buttons or a brooch, and you are warm, comfy, and accessorized. Even better, you have a gift ready to wrap! I'll throw in the pattern for any orders of Grace by Lang, Margot, Zara Kid or angora. A four row repeat, and two of the rows are just knit, easy peasy!

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